Sue S.

Animal Care Manager

​League For Animal Welfare

November 3, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter as a recommendation on behalf of Dawn Twarozynski  should you be interested in hiring her for her pet services. 

I am Susan, the Volunteer Coordinator at Save the Animals Foundation and have had the pleasure of knowing Dawn as a volunteer at our shelter for about 6 months.  She began volunteering with the cats in June, 2015 and with the dogs in September, 2015.  She has been on my Wednesday cat shift and has been a wonderful addition to my shift. 

Dawn is a care-taker in our vet room (sort of like the hospital room,) where we have 36 cages and the cats are in there for many varying medical reasons.  We do not typically start new volunteers in there due to the vigilance that is required in caring for these particular cats.  I knew right away that Dawn would be fine to clean and monitor the cats in this area.  She is extremely caring, kind, reliable and has a very watchful eye. She is able to discern the many nuances of the various cats that are in her care and is very quick to report anything that she is concerned about with regard to their health conditions.

Dawn is extremely reliable, trustworthy and to our pleasure, a cleaning machine.  She takes her volunteering responsibilities very seriously and understands that it is so very important for her to be there as a part of our team.  She has been excellent in letting me know if she is not able to be there for her shift.  She has also adjusted her work schedule to accommodate the needs that we have so as to always fulfill her role as a volunteer.

I can say with 100% certainty that I would definitely feel comfortable having Dawn in my home as the care-taker of my animals.  She is very kind, gentle and extremely caring towards every animal that she meets.

I have encouraged her to open up her services to the entire shelter and our visitors, as I am very happy to recommend Dawn.  She is perfectly welcome to leave her business cards so that they are accessible for anyone who is in search of a petsitter.

I would be happy to personally communicate with anyone who may have additional questions regarding Dawn and her abilities.  And, may I once again reiterate that I feel very fortunate to have her on my shift as such a reliable, caring volunteer.


Susan Albert, Volunteer Coordinator, Save The Animals Foundation

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I have worked with Dawn over the past 4 – 5 months. She started out volunteering at the League for Animal Welfare by fostering a pregnant dog we had taken. She and her husband took this pregnant under nourished dog into their home, got her through her pregnancy and helped her deliver her puppies.  They continued through the nursing and weaning process until the pups were able to come back to the shelter to be adopted.  They also adopted the mom and one of the pups. They have been able to integrate them into their home without any problems. I feel their own dogs speak volumes for the type of person Dawn is. I would not hesitate to recommend or hire Dawn myself.